MAP Your City’s Litter With the Municipal Assessment Platform

  • Gather Accurate Data on Performance of City Investments into Litter Programs

  • Gain Actionable Insights That Lead To Better Performance of Litter Budgets
  • Utilize MAP Insights to Discover Ways to Proactively Solve Key Litter Problems

Our Global City Partners Inlude:

Establish A Litter Baseline

Use litter data to get clarity on current performance & then measurably drive towards your KPIs with confidence.

Use Litterati to establish a baseline of litter conditions throughout your city, to have ongoing evaluation of abatement & prevention programs, to evaluate the impact of large scale events, and more.

Data Driven, Measurable Growth in Your Major Litter Related KPIs 

As you uncover the data on the where, why, and how of your city’s litter; systemic problems & solutions will become clear. 

With this advanced litter analytics solution, you can prove that your solutions are yielding lasting, systemic results. 

Accurate & Scalable Performance Management With An Easy to Use Platform

Get greater insight into your city’s performance on litter abatement prevention programs.

Measure effectiveness over time in key areas of the city. For example along street sweeping routes, trash collection routes, around known illegal dumping sites, and more.


MAP Can Help Your City Fulfill MS4 Requirements

– Goals
– Assessment
– Long-Term Planning

Lockdown on Litter

Use a true community solution to help with litter abatement & capture insightful data on your city’s litter. 

Scalable Data Platform

As more data is collected & more time passes, you will find the data becoming more powerful to illuminate key opportunities, solutions, and optimizations.


Support Your Workforce Development Programs

Opportunity to work with tech, data, and support the city all at the same time. Litterati has resources to help onboard, train, and manage execution with whomever is performing the work. 



All The Support You Need

For all size goals, available staff, or budget; Litterati has quality success & support resources to help you.



Achieve MS4, Litter Management & Smart City Goals with MAP

Platform Access ONLY


Establish An Accurate Litter Baseline For Your City With An Initial MAP Starter Campaign 

Utilize MAP Platform to Collect & Analyze Data 

Admin Access to Your City’s Data Dashboard

Standard Support & Success Resources

Platform Access PLUS
 MAP Success Support


Custom Scope for MAP Scale to Operate in More Locations & with Increased Frequency

Utilize MAP Platform to Collect & Analyze Data 

Admin Access to Your City’s Data Dashboard

Dedicated Premium Support + Data Science Services + Success Resources to Maximize Impact

 Schedule A Live 1:1 Demo To See The City MAP

Ways to Use The MAP Platform

Gather High Quality Litter Data:

  • Segmented By Location
  • Segmented by Date & Time
  • Data Tagged by Dedicated Researchers 

See Opportunities for Improvement:

  • Help see where performance can improve amongst departments, workers, BIDs, contractors, + more
  • See where public campaigns are having success in litter abatement

Measure Performance & KPIs:

  • Establish current baseline you can fully trust due to collection process
  • Benchmark against that baseline quarter over quarter (or year over year) & drive a measurable impact

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer different sized agreements?

We are flexible on the scope of MAP Scale engagements.

While we provide recommendations based on the size of your city & your litter goals, we can scale MAP up or down to match your needs.

Do you have a setup cost?

No. All plans are set up front so you pay what exactly what you are quoted for the agreed scope to MAP your city.

How much support do you provide?

We have dedicated support staff for technical & general support. We respond to all requests within 2 – 3 business days & have live chat available during portions of the day.

We also offer advanced data analysis services to help maximize the MAP data’s ability to create real efficiency improvements for your city. 

Do you offer a free trial? 

Currently we do not offer free trials of MAP.

You can utilize the limited free functions of the Litterati app on iOS and Android. You can also access our Open Data to see litter data that’s already been collected in your city.


How the Municipal Assessment Platform Works:

Learn How San Francisco Successfully Defended a $4 Million Per Year Tax On the Tobacco Industry

Download a free PDF with the whole story (plus two other Litterati City case studies!)  

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