Simple Tools For A Cleaner, Smarter City

Measure and monitor the objects, materials, and brands littering your streets.

Engage your citizens in keeping your communities clean.

Fulfill custom MS4 permit reporting requirements & reach your smart city goals.

Litterati City Partners


Identify every object, material, and brand littering your city.


  • Measure the efficacy of all your litter related activities, and use this insight to maximize the impact of your city’s litter budgets


  • Establish a scientifically valid baseline data set
  • Understand the root causes by integrating commercial and retail data, population density, and mobility patterns


Inspire your citizens, local businesses, and non-profits to be part of the solution.


  • Connect people on a single platform with simple mobile and web tools


  • Organize city-wide challenges or empower your local schools, businesses, and NGOs to organize their own


  • Measure and monitor your citizens’ level of engagement

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