Single Analyze Campaign In Vienna Leads To Citywide 17% Decrease In Cigarette Litter

by | September 07, 2020

In late 2019, a major corporate partner ran a pilot for a campaign to reduce cigarette butt litter.

The pilot was held in Vienna, Austria. Using Litterati Analyze capabilities, we were able to understand the litter baseline (both for cigarettes and for all litter) in 25 locations all around the city.

After establishing the baseline, the company ran a campaign called Clean Dein Wein to increase public awareness around cigarette litter.

Litterati carried out research monthly at the same 25 locations to determine the litter accumulation rate as well as the total change in litter volume & composition during the 4 month campaign.

The result?

The data showed a 17% reduction in cigarette butt litter from the first month to the last month across the 25 locations where the campaign was focused, which were all in District 7 in the city of Vienna.

While that is great to see, what’s even more valuable is they now are establishing a pattern of measurement that becomes more accurate, useful, and valuable with each ’round’ of litter canvassing.

Want to hear more about the campaign? See this interview between Litterati co-founder Dick Ayres and the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung. If you don’t speak German, Google Chrome can translate the page for you if you right click on the page and choose the ‘Translate to [language]’ menu option.

An embedded Slideshare deck that dives deeper into the findings of this campaign will be added to this page soon!

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