Litterati is offering a unique opportunity to help your city analyze its litter. Litterati´s Analyze platform leverages geospatial data science to baseline & monitor the conditions of litter in your city. The resulting analysis can assist in supporting regulatory change, optimizing budgets,and improving  infrastructure.   

Your city will have access to the Litterati Analyze platform, data science & client success team, litter research methodology and Litterati researchers.

The Offer

  • Access to Litterati Analyze platform for 12 months.
  • Up to 50 miles of litter sampling carried out by Litterati certified researchers
  • 4 research periods during the 12 months
  • External Data sets
    (eg. Land Use type, Demographics, Income, Points of Interest from Open street maps)
  • City Data sets
    (eg. budgets, trash infrastructure, etc)
  • Litterati Data Analyst support to select locations,analyze the data, and uncover insights
  • Client success support to project manage researchers, data collection & report writing
  • One data hypothesis
    (e.g. What is the composition of litter in commercial corridors?)

The Deliverables

  • A baseline report identifying the main types of litter with initial patterns & insights related
  • Final report summarizing the change of litter over the 4 monitoring periods,patterns & insights, and recommended actions
  • Assessment of city litter program effectiveness
  • Litterati composite index will be calculated per city for comparison purposes.

Conditions & Requirements

  • City representatives to complete the application form below and meet RFP conditions
  • City staff collaboration in order to support the project (estimated @ 5hrs each month)
  • Access to city’s relevant data to support the project
    (Budget information, GiS city data if available)
  • Agreement to the Scope of Work with financial contribution of up to 5% of the project cost – $2,500.
    (Remaining 95% of the Commercial Value – $47,500 of this project will be funded by Litterati)
  • Litterati will have the right to use the findings in future commercial & marketing materials

The Timeline

  • Applications Open 6/24/21
  • Clarification meeting #1  7/15/21 (register for more information + to ask us questions on the RFP)
  • Clarification meeting #2 7/22/21  (register for either call to ask questions + gain more clarity on RFP)
  • Applications Close 7/31/21
  • Cities Selection 8/15/21
  • Contract & scope finalisation 9/30/21
  • Project Kick off 10/1/21
  • Projected Completion 10/1/22

Please review this full list of RFP questions & then use the form below to submit your answers for the application