Run Impactful Cleanups That Inspire & Engage Your Residents

With the Engage Platform, You Can:

  • Connect with residents & with local partners so everyone can work together to tackle your city’s litter issues

  • Effective and easy digital management for all litter cleanup campaigns in your city
  • Engage students with educational STEM-based curriculums for the local schools in your city

Collaborate with Local Schools, Organizations, and Businesses

Bring your community’s various stakeholders together on a simple platform.

Create a greater feeling of community & inspire greater communal ownership for the local environment.

Normalize anti-litter behavior + create a culture where residents act as better stewards for the community.

And your Engage data can be used to influence policy, like plastic bag bans. It has also inspired businesses to adopt their process to start to use sustainable packaging solutions.

Pro-Community Litter Strategy

The more data that gets generated, the more everyone can know about how to create lasting litter solutions for your city.

Open Data gives the opportunity for any smart or dedicated person who doesn’t work for the city to help create real change from the litter data data. 

We’ve seen individuals, schools, NGOs, businesses, and governments lead systemic change with Litterati data.

Our Global City Partners Inlude:

Memphis Engaged Local Businesses To Engage & Transform The City

TrashBlitz Campaigns Engage City Residents & Help Influence Policy

Engage Residents and Show Impact to Foster Ownership & Stewardship