City Success Stories Using Litterati Data

San Francisco Generates $4M In Annual Tax Revenue With Data From Litterati Analzye

The tobacco industry contested in court a new $2 million per year tax levied by the city of San Francisco.

The city used Litterati’s Analyze capabilities to survey locations around the city to determine what percent of the city’s litter came from cigarettes.

The findings from the litter data research was so staggering that not only did the court rule in favor of the city, it actually ruled to double the tax to now bring in $4 million in annual revenue.

This capital is now used to help San Francisco keep itself cleaner.

To see if litter data can be of value to your city, fill out a short application & we can answer questions, give more information, share a demo, or give you whatever else you need to see if Analyze and/or Engage are right for your city.

Dutch Use Litter Data To Expand Their Plastic Bottle Deposit Return Program

Even with a population of under 20 million people, The Netherlands is the global leader in both pieces picked up & in impact created with the litter data captured by Litterati.

And these changes are coming from multiple pillars of their social infrastructure. See the examples below for ways different types of entities are effecting change with Litterati:

 The Dutch National Government Updates Plastic Return Incentive Based on Data

Starting in July of 2021, the Dutch government is expanding their deposit return scheme.

It will begin including more types of plastic to be accepted & they are doing this because the litter data proved that there is less litter for the types of litter that are accepted by their current return policy.

Data Convinces Dutch Corporations to Switch Away from Harmful Plastics

After being shown over 30,000 data points of litter on one of Pervasco’s leading products, Antaflu, the CEO became committed to changing their wrappers away from plastic and now using paper.

 Within a year, the company began making good on the commitment by beginning production with paper wrappers. We’re thrilled to be partnered with forward thinking & acting corporations looking to lead us to a better, healthier planet.

 And then months later, multiple of the country’s largest retailers were presented with over 50,000 data points on a firecracker brand called Knetterbal that an exploded plastic casing all over the ground.

All the retailers decided to no longer stock the item, saving untold amounts of plastic from ever having the chance to litter the environment, enter waterways, or harm wildlife.

How Just One Person’s Data Changed The Entire City’s Trash Bin Policy

 By canvassing his neighborhood using Litterati, one man was able to collect enough data to convince his city of Carnisselande to upgrade their trashcan policy.

One person’s actions have created generations worth of more effective & accessible waste management and litter abatement for all of the city’s residents + officials.


One Dutch NGO Inspires One Community After Another

GoClean has quickly been spreading inspiration & facilitating impact all over The Netherlands.

Starting these efforts in 2019 in a few cities like Zevanaar, Duiven and Arnhem, they’ve continued to reach more people. To date, the total GoClean impact is well into the hundreds of thousands & has created multiple more Stories of Impact similar to what you’ve read about on this page.

If you’re interested in working with Litterati at your city, organization, company, or school then please see this page and find the page that best suits your goals.

Single Analyze Campaign In Vienna Leads To Citywide 17% Decrease In Cigarette Litter

In late 2019, a major corporate partner ran a pilot for a campaign to reduce cigarette butt litter.

The pilot was held in Vienna, Austria. Using Litterati Analyze capabilities, we were able to understand the litter baseline (both for cigarettes and for all litter) in 25 locations all around the city.

After establishing the baseline, the company ran a campaign called Clean Dein Wein to increase public awareness around cigarette litter.

Litterati carried out research monthly at the same 25 locations to determine the litter accumulation rate as well as the total change in litter volume & composition during the 4 month campaign.

The result?

The data showed a 17% reduction in cigarette butt litter from the first month to the last month across the 25 locations where the campaign was focused, which were all in District 7 in the city of Vienna.

While that is great to see, what’s even more valuable is they now are establishing a pattern of measurement that becomes more accurate, useful, and valuable with each ’round’ of litter canvassing.

Want to hear more about the campaign? See this interview between Litterati co-founder Dick Ayres and the Austrian newspaper Wiener Zeitung. If you don’t speak German, Google Chrome can translate the page for you if you right click on the page and choose the ‘Translate to [language]’ menu option.

An embedded Slideshare deck that dives deeper into the findings of this campaign will be added to this page soon!

Philadelphia Public School Students Discover A “Systemic Local Litter Solution”

Sponsored by the city, Philadelphia public school students used Litterati to run an engaging lesson unit all over town.

Some of the student’s work led to systemic solutions. Their findings were that the most commonly littered item around the school was plastic straws & plastic straw wrappers.

Students told their administration that they didn’t need the straws in the cafeteria so the schools stopped ordering them.

The result? Common litter got stopped before it could even have the chance to happen.

And with ongoing monitoring with Litterati, your city can experience these kinds of provable, sustainable wins in litter abatement.

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