Gather & Analyze Highly Detailed Litter Data In Your City 

Cities Use The Analyze Platform To:


  • Identify the Root Causes of a City’s Litter Problems

  • Create Proactive, Data-Driven Litter Solutions For a City
  • Measure & Improve the Performance of Existing Litter Budgets, Programs, and Operations


Litterati City Partners:

Establish A Litter Baseline

In order to improve, you have to know where you’re starting from.

Establishing the baseline of your city’s litter composition allows you to evaluate current cleanup initiatives, illegal dumping, trashcan + recycling bin installments, and recently introduced policies.

Data Driven, Measurable Growth For Your Major Litter Related Goals

As you uncover the who, what, and where of your city’s litter, insights emerge & solutions become clear. 

With advanced litter analytics, you will understand the why & the how behind your city’s litter. This insight can reveal what is working and what is not amongst your litter related budgets, strategies, infrastructure, operations, & legislation.

Easy to Use Platform For Performance Management

Your Litterati Dashboard will reveal the litter composition at illegal dumpsites, litter hotspots, and other points of interest across your city.

Most importantly, you’ll be able to accurately measure change over time.

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